I’m ready to go.

When I was a child I was sheltered from pretty much everything because of religious reasons. I wasn’t allowed to watch certain cartoons or celebrate any holiday. Finally, I stood up to my parents and told them that I was an individual, and I was tired of the religious snobbery I faced. I was not ready to spend my life detached from the world around me because of something I didn’t believe in, and I didn’t want to have my friends chosen for me. The world was filled with so much wonder that I couldn’t access without feeling guilty.

Naturally I spent several years battling with the belief that there may not be much waiting for me after completing a Bachelor of Arts. I was simply misguided, from my family, friends, and unsupportive teachers in high school, who told me that creativity was essentially worthless in the work place. I wanted to be sure that I was ready to spend thousands of dollars on a dream. I’ve written poetry for over thirteen years, and I was disinterested in almost everything else that was practical minded (math, science, computers, etc.). Since beginning my degree I have realized that I also enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction.

My first experience with theatre was in New York City. I took a trip to the city, alone, when I was twenty-one. Originally, I wasn’t interested in seeing a Broadway show. When I arrived, I was mesmerized by the lavish city style especially in Times Square. I realized how much I loved it and returned the next year to see my first play. I fell asleep near the end of Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark because I was sick, and that was a huge disappointment! The third time I returned I saw Matilda. This past summer I attended a showing of Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.


Wicked stage – The Gershwin Theatre, NYC.

The biggest reason I joined Destination Theatre is because I want something to write about. I’ve had plenty of personal experiences that I could write about, but it isn’t the same as sharing an experience with other people. I may not always agree on everything, but I always consider both sides to be able formulate my own opinion. I love visual art, literature, language, writing, poetry, history, and New York. I want to get out in the world and become well versed in all things that have the potential to connect us in meaningful ways. Everything isn’t always black and white, so seeing the world from a theatre person’s perspective is enthralling. I have spent many years trying to do my own thing, and I’ve learned that this world, no matter how horrible it may seem, is better shared through friendship. How could I pass up going to London with its rich history that has been captivating people for centuries?


This reminds me of how diverse our world is. Unknown – subway art, NYC.

Since the course isn’t in my module, I had to extend my degree another year to be allowed into the course. Although I’m still not sure that I will continue with a minor in Theatre Studies, I am here for the experience!

Cassy Player is a second year English and Creative Writing student at Western’s main campus.


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